Landscape Services

Consulting & Design

As the name implies, we are a unique landscape architecture company emphasizing environment friendly landscape designs that are functional, sustainable and beautiful. We bring together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills. Together with the depth of our expertise and the pool of knowledge and resources, allow us to take on complex,strategic projects. Possessing the skills and experience to push the boundaries of landscape, we offer comprehensive landscape services including conceptualizing & designing, commercial landscape design, residential garden design, re-design existing environment or completely build a new landscape concept,maintenance and more. We explore, evaluate and adapt to new innovative ideas and solutions. We are dedicated to provide first-class landscape d esign and consultancy services at every stage of projects, from inception to the implementation. Putting sustainability at the heart of our projects is one of the ways in which KS GARDEN exerts a positive influence on the wider world.

Landscape & Maintenance

KS GARDEN knows just how important landscape appearance is to any commercial or/and residential property. We understand that property owners have great responsibility when managing their commercial or/and residential properties. We can help reduce the amount of time spent on managing your properties landscape maintenance and give you more time to focus on the daily operations of your business. Our knowledgeable and fully trained staffs are familiar with all aspects of landscape maintenance and know when to plant, how to detect diseases, and how much fertilizer to use, etc. Plant healthcare is an essential value-added service that we offer and regular fertilizing is needed to treat plants that have nutrient deficiencies. Planting needs to be done correctly and is essential to understand the importance of plant selection as well as site condition, proper excavation depth and width. Creating good soil structure will ensure less call-backs and healthier trees. All of these are key elements to a healthy and attractive landscape. Our landscape maintenance crews are dedicated and highly motivated to deliver superior Quality landscape maintenance services to ensure that your landscape investment is properly maintained.

Pond & Fountain Filtration Systems & Maintenance

Ponds and fountains add a touch of serenity and elegance to almost any setting. But in order to maintain their beauty, proper filtration is essential. While nature will eventually help maintain water quality by establishing its own filtration methods, you will most likely need to give your pond a little help in order to Achieve the results that you want. Filters are not essential for very large ponds and fountains, but they are a good idea for anyone who wants clear water. Water gardens can thrive without filters, as can shallow ornamental or reflective ponds with only a few fish. For different ponds and fountains, filtration is needed to eliminate particulate and biological wastes from the water. The good news is that there is help available when it comes to pond and fountain maintenance, so long as you find a reputable and knowledgeable service provider. One of the very best places to look for pond maintenance assistance is at KS GARDEN Our staffs are dedicated to not only ensuring that your pond and fountain looks its best, but also that it.

Is providing the healthiest environment possible for the aquatic life that you have nestled within it. We can take care of water testing, algae removal, panel cleaning, pump and filter servicing, adding supplements, and all kinds of other treatments so that you can sit back and simply enjoy your pond and fountain the e way it was meant to be enjoyed: without all of the hassle.

Theme Gardens

Theme gardens are gardens that are designed around a specific idea and boast a specific focal design or scheme. They are a great way to showcase our interests. Sometimes they include other objects or structures that tie the theme together such as statues, sculptures, planters, birdhouses, a bridge and many more. When designing a theme garden, we’ll combine plants which thrive in your environment and are pleasing to the eye. Your garden will be truly well-designed, unique & sustainable. You don’t have to be limited to just one theme garden. You can have as many theme gardens as you have ideas and space for them. Tranquility is the word here. A strategically constructed theme garden/s can serve as a focal point in your yard as well as a place to relax and enjoy your creation.

Ponds & Fountains

Water features such as a pond, fountain or waterfall are almost always the first thing that catches the attention of your guests. Water is naturally very relaxing, so it makes sense that people would want to have water in their gardens. Enhancing your garden with the soothing sounds of a fountain or the conspicuous presence of a waterfall is desirable because you not only get the look of a garden pond, but also the serenity of the sound of splashing water and it adds to the overall ambiance of your back yard paradise.

Some of the common theme gardens are;

Contemporary Garden Bird & Butterfly Garden
Sensory Garden Herb Garden
Rose Garden Japanese Garden

Turfing & Management

Along with our hard landscaping services, we also offer turfing and turf management services. Our turf ing solutions can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We supply and install turfing with accuracy and efficiency. We work along-side with our turf producers to supply and lay turf to meet a range of applications including lawns of any size, commercial & recreational areas, and other special requirements such as turf roofs on eco homes. In addition to that, our turfing services include mowing, fertilization, Pest controls, aeration, complete lawn renovation, sod, and low input or no mow options. Providing an exceptional service for many years gives us the confidence to guarantee you satisfaction, every time.

Stones & Hardscape

Hard cape is the perfect complement to any landscape by transforming the surface to a more useable Area. With so many options in color, shape and stone type (flagstone, brick, paving stone or concrete, stone walls, etc.) any look can be created in your outdoor living space. For most yard owners, the addition and maintenance of hard surfaces is greatly undermined. Usually most attention is paid to the natural elements of yards,such as the plants, trees and bushes. Like an expensive piece of art however, in which the frame and canvas are maintained of good quality to keep the value of the painting high, the hard surfaces in your yard need to be looked after to augment your yard’s natural content! The artful application of landscaping stone can enhance the natural elements that you already have in your garden. Our team of experts can fix and polish all existing hard cape and apply new landscaping stone to enhance your garden’s natural beauty.

The work of landscaping is extremely vast ranging. It can be something as simple as a stepping-stone walkway to a tremendous plaza of water-fountains. T o spice up bare concrete, we incorporate our beautiful and unique designs. As well as improving your garden’s look, we will also have your practical needs prioritized! The aesthetic and functional use of stone such as adding a garden wall, steps or a patio will not only increase your garden’s beauty and functional use, but will consequently raise your property’s value!

Pergolas & Gazebos

Adding an elegant gazebo or a beautiful pergola in your home or garden is an exciting vista. If you are the one who is planning to include pergolas and gazebos in your home garden, it will definitely enhance your garden looks, making it amazing and even increases its marketable value. Gazebos and pergolas provide opportunity to use climbing plants as they need support to properly grow well. It also beautifies the surroundings with raised colorful foliage and flowers. Different materials are used to made pergolas and gazebos, such as timber and metal. These materials are also used to support pergolas. Normally gazebo is built at the most remote corner or part of a garden. In past, gazebos were meant to be used in large gardens as a place to sit and enjoy the distant prospects and other parts of the country side. It is also a place to enjoy the evening or afternoon sunshine. In many occasions, gazebo is raised to certain heights to create an impact of seclusion or independence.

. It can be hexagonal, octagonal or evenround with a paved flooring. There is no adequate reason that you do not include gazebo in your small garden Using gazebo in small garden is of equal importanceas in large gardens as you can pose it to have a magnificent, distant view. If you are plants lover and have a garden in your home, then you must be aware of this term, i.e. ‘pergola’. Pergolas basically are a series of horizontal timbers or wooden beams, which are supported by bricks, stone pillars, or timbers over a paved floor or grass. These are just more than a self contained structure; it is functional as a tunnel for climbers. Although, the sides of the pergolas are normally open, the stone pillars and bricks sometimes caused it to appear as an enclosed structure. Pergolas are designed in such a way that it leads from one area or feature to another. Pergolas are not limited to gardens or lawns; you can also use pergolas over your patio to reinforce seclusion or some shade.

Wooden Structures

Why limit your livable space to the indoors when you can build a living space in your garden? Whether composed primarily of sculpted wood beams or fragrant climbing roses, a finely-crafted wood structure can become the entertainment centre of your outdoor environment and provide years of enjoyment. Wooden structures provide shade and compliment decks and hard cape and add a touch of class to your garden decor. They provide privacy and shade, especially during the hot summer months. We can customize the ideal structure that will best fit your landscape design.

Garden Accessories

We have a wide range of garden accessories that will add charisma and personality to your gardens, ponds and terraces. At KS GARDEN, we believe that your backyard garden should be an outdoor.

Our full-service outdoor lighting solution includes:

• Professional lighting design consultations.
• Evening demonstration for you to see how exceptional your home could look after dark
• One year of free system maintenance to ensure optimum performance
• Manufacturers lifetime warranty on fixtures


Our irrigation team of trained and certified professionals will create a custom layout based on the watering needs of your unique property. With an automated system installed throughout your lawn and planting beds, a pre-programmed controller manages the watering needs of your entire property

Terrace Garden Landscaping At KS GARDEN, we specialize in adding a captivating charm to one’s Terrace Garden by arranging the best Terrace Garden Landscaping. We utilize the inherent talent of our craftsmen who are endowed with artistry and put forth the best of their in carvings. The Terrace Garden Landscaping involves beautifying the exteriors of your premises that give an enchanting feeling and soothing ambiance.